Art Medicine

I'm Peach and I like to draw
Savior #warning to avoid guro.

why isn’t there a guy that slaps the keyboard away from people that try to remove artist’s captions

Anonymous: do a person with their brain exposed and flowers growing out of their brain please?


I’m only doing these til I get bored so ask while they’re open. 

My email is, asks will also work but tumblr is unreliable so email is preferred. Uhhhh… yeah, that’s all.


These are fullbody comms so it’ll be just like the pic, roughly 8x11, 300 dpi so you can print em if you wanna. 

Waist up and bust prices negotiable.

+$15 for each extra character, also negotiable.

K now that’s all~

Anonymous: how do you pick colours for shading? its something ive always struggled with

I have a palette of colors I’ve noticed look more natural to use during shading and I use layer settings to vary the way they look in different drawings. Here’s a half-assed explanation.