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god, you are seriously my favorite artist EVER. van gough, monet and michelangelo pale in comparison to you. thank you so much for existing ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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Haaaaaaaaaaa I hardly think so but thank you so much :*


Marcel Christ’s Exploding, Bursting and Smoking Colors

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Yesterday CGHub shut everything down without warning. I’m stunned. The site was on the rise and in many ways was the place to go to for the games industry art world. The creators (but not owners) of the site released a new statement this morning that explains a little more of the tragic situation. For a site that so many relied on, this is extremely unprofessional and to hear the parent company has no interest in even selling it to someone who could pick up where they left off is baffling.

Personally, I’m sad and honestly a bit angered about this. CGHub was a nearly daily visit for me. A large majority of my posts came from there and now carry dead source links. There wasn’t a site like it out there - that had the features it had and the awesome community of mostly games industry artists in it. I even had great success with its job postings section while hiring for Leviathan at various points.

The next question is unless CGHub rises from the ashes when its owners get their heads cleared up, where will the next core congregation of game artists happen?

Some pics of my nootlings

Hi. You're wonderful. And so is your art. And. Um.

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ty so much for saying so #uvu#

Started out as hand practice then I blew em up and made it a Real Drawing.

Edit: Now in color!

1) Screenshot your desktop

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your paintings are visually pleasing and they beautiful, i was just asking what kind of brushes do you use for the paintings that you make? do you have a particular setting? thanks

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The size 75 fuzzy brush from this and the first brush from this. :)

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sry for all the wip shots


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Between 10 and 30.

tbh i'm a little intimidated to talk to u. u seem angry a lot :(

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I’m only outwardly angry with people when they get wanton with their idiocy, as tumblr usually is. You don’t have to be afraid to talk to me :)

I don't mean to be rude or overstep my bounds, but since it seems to be something you talk about quite often or at least mention on your tumblr here, do you suffer from any mental illnesses? Not asking because I think you have problems or anything.

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I have depression and general anxiety, and I suffer from random mood swings, mostly anger. Despite all this though, I think I’m more content in who I am as a person than a lot of other people.

I hope this doesn't come off as creepy although I doubt it wouldn't, but I'm just kinda curious, have you ever posted a picture of your face and would you please if you haven't and would be willing to? I just want to know what the person who draws so beautifully looks like.

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Come off anon and I’ll show you, I don’t like giving my face to the world.

I love the eyes you're doing recently. They are amazing.

ty :’)