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I'm Peach and I like to draw
Savior #warning to avoid guro.
They look marvelous, not that you can tell from the shit-tier phone quality picture! These are 1.75” buttons, so you can let everyone know that you are 43 and have yet to convince someone to lay lips on you <3
Buy one here!
Process gif for Lone Star

My most ancient followers might recognize this from a bigger pic that I’m redoing. It’s transparent and you may use it as a sidebar pic as long as you don’t take my name off it. If you do, I will find you <3

gotta kiss em all
still trying to work out stylizing

New background 
Day 1: Create a character for Hot Topic to put all over their badmerchandise. (i.e. Kuromi, Skelanimals)
It’s cute when monsters have teeth too big to fit in their mouth
generic 4am pchat
No one bought her so she’s mine