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Art Medicine

Some pics of my nootlings

Started out as hand practice then I blew em up and made it a Real Drawing.

Edit: Now in color!

Ishishishishi's request was my favorite fairy tale. I don't know a lot of them, but the first I thought of was the tale of Rose Red and Snow White,

One of the free portraits, for Lonelydad38

The hair was really fun to do :3

pchat bear

eyez n moufz

A style I haven’t touched in a while, I miss it though ;v;

done in pchat


And now, for something different. 

Started in pchat, finished in Photoshop

I made it scifi because why wouldn’t I

Lil mechies! 

…Bekka made me


Someone say art meme?

A-adoptables?? I might make custom ones, inbox me for details